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Frequently asked questions

How much is admission?

Daily admission is $13 (weekdays) and $14 (Saturdays) for ages 1-12, siblings under 12 months are free. Infants under 12 months alone are $5. Parents are always free! Be sure to check out our membership options for discounts!


How long can we stay?

Your child's admission is valid for the whole day! If you need to leave and come back, you're welcome to. 

Can I bring in cake, presents and use the cafe seating for a party?

No. We do not allow unofficial parties. What does this mean? We welcome guests to come in and play for their birthday, however any celebrations are required to book through our party booking and utilize our party room. We will NOT allow cake, decorations, presents or additional adult guests for a birthday party/celebration that has not been booked with us. This allows us to ensure our parties who have booked with us are receiving the best experience possible.

What age range are you designed for?

We believe all kids benefit from child-led imaginative play! We welcome kids from birth to age 12 to join us. We also have a dedicated Montessori style infant and toddler (2 & under) space for your littlest ones to explore on their level as well. *No adults will be permitted in the building without children*

Do I need to stay with my child(ren)?

Yes, a parent or guardian over the age of 16 must be with your child(ren) at all times.

What about food and drink?

We're biased, but we think this is one of the best parts. We want to set you up for a successful outing with your kids. We have an eat-in space where you are welcome to bring in outside lunch or snacks, but we also offer snacks available for purchase in store. *Please note we are an allergy friendly facility and we do not sell or allow products with peanuts/tree nuts in the building. Alcohol is also not permitted.*

Do I have to sign a liability waiver?

Yes, we require a signed liability waiver for each child prior to their first entry. Once your liability waiver has been signed it will stay on file for one year before it will need renewed again. We want your check-in process to be as smooth as possible, so you are also able to fill it out online before you come in if you choose!

Are you family accessible?

As a mom of 3, I know taking your kids anywhere can be a challenge. We have tried to be very thoughtful in how to make your day at Where the Wild Things Play relaxing and fun for all! We have high chairs in our eat-in space, clean restrooms with multiple family-friendly features, and comfy seating throughout our play space. And moms, please feel free to feed your baby where you are comfortable!

Are foster children free?

Yes! We are passionate about foster care and want to support foster families and children in our community. We offer general admission for current foster children for free. We ask that you discreetly show placement papers at check-in. 

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