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We offer discounted rates for pre-scheduled groups! This offer is only available for weekdays and non-peak times. Group rates are $10 per child, with a minimum of 10 children. If you have a craft planned, want kiddos to eat lunch, or just want your own area to hang out, our party room can be reserved for $25 per hour as well! Groups must be scheduled with approval in advance.


  • Group play time is limited to 2 hours unless additional time is purchased. The discounted rate is not considered a "day pass", guests cannot leave and return.

  • Groups must follow all policies and rules. We have the right to require any group to leave without refund is rules are not followed or if a group is destructive. 

  • Please have waivers filled out for the group in advance as this speeds up the check in process.

  • Adults are required to stay with the children and supervise/interact with them.

  • Payment is due for the group in a single transaction. We are unable to split the payment. Should the group not meet the minimum rate, full price admission will be charged.

  • These rates are NOT to valid for birthday parties. 

Thank you for your understanding! 

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