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The Forest Cafe

Brew a latte, make a muffin, wash the dishes. The Forest Cafe is a big hit with all of our mini baristas!

Max's Market

On Max's sailing journey "in and out of weeks", I'm sure he could have used a stop at the market for some groceries. Ours is fully stocked with fruits, veggies, a refrigerator full of goodies, cans and boxes! Your little shopper will love filling their cart to the brim and getting to check out and bag their groceries too.


Wild Ivy
Hair Co.

Polish those nails, get a blowout, or a fresh new cut! We've got barber tools for the little fellas too.



We've got lots of animals who live in the barn! Cows, a pig, a sheep, chicks and horses. From veterinary care to egg collection and bottle feeding, there are lots of jobs to do!

Cool Kids Club

Our reading nook is a sweet spot for a moment of connection. Seasonal books are on our shelves, and we've got magnatiles for littles who need something to build!


Make dinner, do some laundry, take the baby for a stroll or relax on the couch. Our playhouse is a mid-century modern dream!


Miller Farm

Once you've visited the barn, slide on down to the farm! There is a garden, hay bales to stack and the ever-favorite red tractor!

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